e-DISTI d.o.o. is a fast growing company whose activities comprise comprehensive solutions in three different areas:

  • generators and UPS uninterrupted power systems,
  • CAD and BIM software, and document scanners and
  • duplication systems for CD / DVD media.

With its presence in all segments of the economy and the public sector, we cover the largest Slovenian companies, internet service providers, healthcare, ministries and small enterprises that meet demanding needs.

We are committed to the highest quality of technical support, customer care centers, continuous support with technical education, and our professional service engineers who cover the whole region of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Technical staff training is enhanced by internal and external training and is carried out in cooperation with foreign experts selected by manufacturers.

In our company, we are aware that the best results can arise in an environment where employees are satisfied and committed to their work. We are encourage sharing of experiences and development of knowledge and potentials of each individual. This Is the only way that we can guarantee you the best.

About company

For us, success means that our partners are satisfied and our customers are grateful.


Short history

The establishment of our company dates back in year 2010, when we started with activity as a distributor of equipment and technical support in processes of digitalization of paper documents and paperless business. The following year, we have already expanded the business with a sales representative program and became a company with a comprehensive program, covering all areas from consulting, engineering, sales, education to technical support and qualified and authorized service. Rapid expansion of sales area to the Adriatic region through distribution partners led us to establish an office in Belgrade only two years after the establishment.

Due to the increasing supply and extending collective, the need for bigger premises has been revealed, and in 2012 we moved to new, larger premises, where we provide sales and service and store equipment and spare parts. In the same year, we also opened a new office in Zagreb.

Professional attitude towards work and recognition of market opportunities have led us to expand our activities. In order to ensure uninterruptable power supply, we, as an independent provider, brought on the market the most up-to-date solutions, and sales have also expanded widely across Europe. Slogan “Always ON” has become our everyday guide.

We have received special recognition every time that our foreign partners and manufacturers have recognized us as trusted partners, awarded us and offered us cooperation. At the initiative of foreign providers, we entered the field of CAD design in 2014 and in 2018 the field of BIM technology. In doing so, we persistently maintain a partnership attitude and quick responsiveness to the needs of the market, because you appreciate this.

You can find out more detailed information about the company’s headquarters by clicking on contact.

We are committed to values:

  • reliability,
  • security,
  • professionalism,
  • responsiveness,
  • partnership.

Our goal is to remain the best choice for:

  • consulting,
  • engineering and supply and
  • support of the represented equipment.

We are concerned and obligated to:

  1. offer business and public institutions the best solution currently available in the world of paperless, uninterruptable power supply and CAD and BIM equipment,
  2. keep in step with the development of new technologies and co-create their development,
  3. take care that support is responsive and quality.

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